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主题: the jade of peony
内容: Jade Peony: Jung-Sum, Second Brother

Write a 4 paragraph response to one of the following questions. Your assignment should include an introduction, two body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a Works Cited page. Each body paragraph should have a clear and argumentative topic sentence. Write about your own ideas – ? do not only restate the plot. You must include at least 2 direct quotes and 2 paraphrases to support your ideas. These must be properly cited using MLA style.

1. Explain how Jung-Sum’ ?s relationship with Frank changes from the beginning to the end of Part 2.
2. Wayson Choy suggests that two people, Poh-Poh and Max, realize that Jung-Sum is gay. Describe these two characters’ ? reactions to this knowledge.
3. Jung-Sum and Jook-Liang have different perspectives on growing up in the same family. Describe how their individual experiences affect their understanding of their childhoods.可以帮个忙吗?三个问题选一个就好。